Partners Exploration Drilling

Partners Drilling (Pty) Ltd began operating in January 2004. The company specializes in surface exploration diamond drilling and obtained its first contract with Anglo Platinum in 2004 for 24 000 metres of drilling in the Rustenburg area. The company now operates 20 diamond drill rigs deployed on various contracts throughout South Africa. Partners Drilling is involved with some of the country's largest companies such as Anglo Platinum, De Beers Consolidated, Anglogold Ashanti, as well as junior companies such as Keaton Energy. The drills operated by the company include 1 Longyear LY 44 drill capable of drilling to 1400m, 8 Longyear LY 50 drills capable of drilling to 2000m depth, 2 Boyles BBS 56 drills with a capacity to 1250m, 3 Longyear LF 90D drills with a capacity to 750m, and 4 Longyear LF 90LS Drills with a capacity to 750m. All depth ratings are B size. Partners Drilling now also operates 2 Hanjin P 7000 drills with a capacity to 2000m - NRQV depth. The drills are supported by a fleet of trucks, tractors, bowsers, a Unimog and various LDV’s.

Partners Drilling policy tolerates zero incidents or accidents.

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Wherever possible, Partners goes out of its way to use the services of local, previously disadvantaged people. Water is usually supplied by members of the local community; backacters and dozers are hired from local businesses when required and community members are hired when needed for site preparation. 


Partners Drilling was started in conjunction with the Royal Bafokeng Economic Board.

Today, Bafokeng companies and individuals own 18% of the company, the remainder of the shares are held by management and the financiers.

James Allan formed a company in 2005 to finance the expansion of Partners. 

Management Team

Chief Executive Officer: Gordon Hogan

Financial Manager: Tony Nocton Smith

Executive Director: Lesedi Rakgokong

Chief Operating Officer: Ernie Stoyell

Non Executive Directors: James Allan; René Hochreiter